Beyond the Cage

A documentary exploring the emotional environment of fighting, masculinity and its connection to life outside the cage.

Beyond The Cage Teaser from Brokengate Media on Vimeo.


Beyond the Cage follows and explores the real lives, trials and tribulations of active Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the UK. Examining the psychology and motivations of each fighter exposing the juxtaposing views and attitudes towards competing. Each character has his own unique take and reason to compete in the cage, be it reward, glory or desire to test ones strength.
Contradictions of extreme violence and beauty of discipline and excess have long been a source of inspiration for writers and film makers alike. In that sense the film draws a unique perspective on masculinity, male violence and pride.
Masculinity really describes the frustration and pride most males endure, rarely feeling at ease with this condition due to the continuing need to prove ones own masculinity, however as negative as this may seem, fighting has always been compelling, and has at some point drawn most men into it’s spell.


Albeit some of the content is based in violence by the very nature of the subject matter, the real examination is the human condition and the parallel between warrior and human, and challenges the traditional perception of masculinity. The film shows the ways in which men participate in MMA at a variety of levels and the interconnections between the fighter and their private stories.

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